Toilet Seats

Plastic Toilet Seats 

Duroplast toilet seats

Plastic is the most common material which is used in toilet seats production. It is, first of all, because of its low price. Also such products are convenient, light and easy in hygiene purpose cleaning work, just periodically dust with  soaked with desinfection substance.

Duroplast is a subkind of plastic. It is  reinforced plastic what makes it similar to ceramics.

Duroplast is a hard, dence, steady to mechanical damage material. Its advantages are supposed its antibacterial surface with silver ions additives. Fittings have possibility to regulate the toilet seat accurately on the seat surface. The metal details of the fittings are made of high european quality stainless steel.

The speed of installation and deinstallation is one of the main priorities of the quality class of our toilet seats. Installation of the toilet seats is very easy and without the need of any additional tools. Rasin covered legs provide the softness of touch to the ceramics. The smoothness of lifting down of the Seat Duroplast is reached by microlift system. The dencity of touch is reached by the possibility of regulation of the fittings. Thanks to the fast installation there are no hard reaching places while cleaning a toilet bowl.