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Welcome to Sydanit.
This site is an association of productors of toilet seats from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Turkey. Here you can find the range of our products and easily get the contacts to the nearest subsidiary.
Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.
Toilet seats
Regarding the permanent usage of toilet seats, they must be esthetic, longlasting, light and easy to use. We have developed optional systems for different requirements which you can find in our online shop. In our range of products you can find next products: Plastic toilet seats, Design toilet seats covers, Duroplast toilet seats and many others.
Please pay attention:
Notwithoutstanding the wide range of toilet seats in Ukraine, if you want to choose the right seat cover you need to know the model of the toilet seat bowl. Additional options may make your life more convenient. We developed the production of soft and slow close seat covers without loud bang. In this case the very important role plays the quality of metal hinges. Apart from that, we propose antibacterial coatings, built in bidet, LED equiped seats and so on. Certainly the price of the seats with such possibilities may be higher.
Feel free to contact us for further information. Experienced managers will advise you!
Toilet seats may be unlike in design, size, material and fittings. In addition the toilet seat and the lid colours may vary. Or they may have different microlift mechanisms. Toilet seats with microlift have special fittings for slow close. More often it is not easy to change the fittings. In case, if you don’t know the producer’s name of your seat cover or toilet seat you may make the paper template with marked holes for fittings or just take photos of the item from each side.